January 8, 2019

Evidence of Learning Document

“The Island” questions

Evidence of Learning Document for 70% of your final mark in the course. (Download the document, then upload it into your course folder in OneDrive).

This document has listed the tasks that fulfill the expectations of the course. Some things to consider: 

  1. You can, and should, revise tasks based on feedback (written or oral) so that you are demonstrating your learning
  2. Many items have only feedback. Once you are ready to have them evaluated, we can do that together or I can organize the tools so that you can do it solo. 

Once you have chosen, revised, and evaluated each item, you need to determine your overall level for this evidence of learning document. 

Finally, you must submit the document to me via the assignment submission page found on the course blog. 

The document is due January 14th at midnight.  

Note: Since Tuesday was a snow day and I am away today, I cannot introduce the above document properly until Thursday. 

If you cannot understand what I am asking you to do in the document, then follow the instructions below. 

Make sure you have the following items completed and revised for class on Thursday:

Choose 1 Graphic text analysis (find them all in OneNote notebook) completed and revised based on the feedback from me. 

Choose 1 nonfiction article annotated and a summary written for it

  • “‘People live day-to-day’. Why Venezuela is in Crisis”
  • Historical Text for Nazi Germany
  • Historical Text for Castro’s Cuba
  • Historical Text for Syria
  •  Refugee Hyperdoc #4
  • “Refugee parents can bring their kids to Canada, so why can’t kids bring their parents?”
  • “How Do Refugee Teens Build Resilience?”

1 screenshot of your best Quizlet score for the Refugee vocabulary list.

Stay focused. Be productive. Active your academic courage. 


January 6, 2019


Happy New Year!!

In-class assignment: Writing a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion.

The assignment is in your OneNote notebook: Content Library section.

December 3, 2018

Series of Paragraphs Expressing an Opinion

12 Days of Gratitude



To help us understand the editing vocabulary so that we can understand the editing fixes that the tools suggest, we will practice correcting sentences 



The persuasive form


—The body paragraphs

—-The introduction and conclusion


the rough draft of the essay. Instructions are in your OneNote notebook. 





Peer/Self-edit sheet